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NEUVAS research group has been involved in RETICS since 2006, firstly as member of "RED HERACLES", later as member of the 7th program of RIC (The Cardiovascular Research Network) and since 2016 is member of INVICTUS (Network of Cerebrovascular Diseases of Spain).

NEUVAS has been working closely with different groups in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular field, contributing to a translational research in different aspects of atherosclerosis, vascular etiopathology and vascular risk factors.

Our group is part of the "International Stroke Genetics Consortium" (ISGC) (, the worldwide most relevant Consortium in genetics of stroke, which aims to create a collaborative frame between the best international groups in the field. NEUVAS participates actively from the very beginning of the consortium in most of its projects and tasks, and hosted the 18th ISGC Workshop in Barcelona in October 2015.

Our group is also founder of the Spanish Stroke Genetics Consortium ( that includes 20 different research laboratories and neurological units from Spain interested in the stroke genetics research. We are coordinators of this consortium and members of the scientific committee. Currently, we are leading many of the ongoing Genestroke collaborative projects.

NEUVAS collaborates also with different groups in different projects: ISGlobal and AQUAS in pollution projects; MIT and IQS  groups in models of blood-brain barrier (BBB).  

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