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Rafael de la Torre Fornell has been director of IMIM since July 2015, when he was temporarily appointed as director. A period of competition that will last approximately one year will cumulate with the selection of the new IMIM director in 2016.

Dr. Rafael de la Torre is a qualified toxicology professor (accredited as full professor) at the University Pompeu Fabra, director of the IMIM Neuroscience Programme and coordinator of the IMIM Integrated Pharmacology and Neuroscience Systems Research Group.

He graduated and received his doctorate in pharmacy at the University of Barcelona. He has completed postgraduate studies funded by the European Research Foundation (Hammersmith Hospital, London), the senior NATO scientific program (University of Texas, Austin) and Salvador de Madariaga program (McGill University, Montreal).

He has published more than 350 scientific articles focusing on the metabolism of medication, the clinical pharmacology of drug addiction and neurotoxic effects of the use of psychoactive substances as well as the environmental and genetic factors that modulate them. He is also interested in the relationship between diet and the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline and specifically the role of phenolic compounds present in the Mediterranean Diet such as hydroxytyrosol or tyrosol.


Rafael de la Torre

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