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Clinical Research committee

The Clinical Research Committee is a group of professionals providing the Hospital del Mar research Management team with support and consulting assistance. The Committee's responsibility is to guarantee the implementation of the scientific policies of Hospital del Mar. The Hospital del Mar Management, following recommendations from Hospital del Mar Research Institute Management, appoints the members of the Research Commission. Hospital del Mar Research Institute Management's recommendations are also communicated to the Board (Patronat) of the IMIM Foundation.

Its duties are:

  • To foster the development and consolidation of the research priorities of Hospital del Mar. Hospital del Mar research priorities are developed taking into consideration priorities established in research plans laid out by the different Autonomic Regions of Spain, by the government of Spain, by other European countries, as well as priorities established by the Health Plan of Catalunya and by the The Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB)Hospital del Mar research priorities are also based on the specific research needs of Hospital del Mar itself.
  • To develop general criteria for the allocation of human and material (non-human) resources. Such criteria are set taking into account priorities previoulsly established.
  • To develop general criteria for the selection of professionals going into the training program.
  • To supervise and to report on the suitability, feasibility and likelihood of: funding of proposals for new research projects, funding requests for projects aimed at developing infrastructure, scolarship requests and any other request for funding from external organizations.
  • To watch over the research conducted at PSMAR so that it meets the highest scientific standards. The CEIC and CEEA committees (which are also in charge of ensuring scientific standards) carry this last function in parallel with the Research Commission.
  • To conduct a global evaluation of the annual report and an evaluation of the proposals for future activities. The committee also evaluates activities and performance of: Hospital del Mar research resources, research lines and reseach projects conducted at Hospital del Mar.
  • To encourage the interaction of researchers from different Hospital del Mar centers.
  • To guarantee the quality of training programs for scholars and to promote continued education for researchers.
  • To approve the creation of Research Groups and Units.
  • To supervise the process by which projects are grouped into specific lines of research.
  • To be a conduit for the interactions between UAB and UPF for issues concerning scientific research related to PSMAR.


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