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Neurovascular Jaume Roquer

The neurovascular research group (NEUVAS) of the Hospital del Mar Institute of Medical Research (IMIM) of Barcelona (Coordinator: Dr Jaume Roquer) was created in 2005. It is made up of 8 neurologists, 2 biologists, 1 data scientist and 2 nurses, in a synergic admixture of clinical and basic backgrounds. Fruit of this, we have a clear translational vocation that leads to focus our research both in scientific and applicable aspects.

NEUVAS has extensive experience in the field of cerebrovascular research and in collaborative projects, which in recent years has resulted in an important scientific production (2018: total IF:125.16, 70% in the first decile). One of its fundamental pillars is the BASCIMAR Registry (PI051737) which is the database, serum and genetic biobank of stroke patients assessed in Hospital del Mar (with> 8000 patients currently included).

The group is directly linked to the Neurology Service of the Hospital del Mar, and members of the Stroke Unit are part of NEUVAS and vice versa. The work dynamics in the Stroke Unit includes the systematic collection of data and samples of all patients with stroke visited at the Hospital del Mar, including them in the BASCIMAR registry. This allows obtaining accurate and reliable information of the variables of these patients, avoiding patient losses and selection biases, and reaching a large sample size that continues to grow. The patients are visited by protocol in external consultations at 3 months post-stroke and, most, also at 12 months. Infrastructure and experience are available for carrying out Clinical Trials of acute phase and stable phase of stroke, with 2 nurses dedicated to these studies



There is 1 weekly meeting of the research group where news and updates of active projects are shared, dissemination and training aspects are planned, and technical aspects and their possible solutions are discussed. In addition, the members of the group participate in different meetings and weekly clinical sessions linked to the Neurology Service: Neuroangiography Session, Joint Sessions (Vascular Surgery, Pathology, Radiology), Bibliographic Session.


There are spaces for offices, laboratory and storage of samples assigned to the group at the Institut Hospital del Mar Medical Research (IMIM), within the building of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), adjacent to the hospital.

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