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We include in our projects innovative approaches like machine learning/artificial Intelligence approach, especially in genomic convergence, integrative genomics and pollution data. These projects also aim to provide insight on known and novel metabolic pathways and help in identify new potential therapeutic targets, mechanisms for intervention and new markers of prognosis or of treatment response. It certainly, may lead to changes in clinical decisions and in the identification of those patients who would better benefit of an intensive prophylaxis of vascular risk factors, contributing in the development of the coming Personalized Medicine.

Those projects focused on determining Biological Age and differential Biological/Chronological age through epigenetic analysis may represent, especially, a revolutionary tool in an early future for monitoring the effect of life habits and vascular risk factors prophylaxis, and also for predicting prognosis and clinical evolution.

Our group counts also with an active Communication Department in the institution that helps in the diffusion of our findings.

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