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Since 2000, our work group has followed various lines of research:

The natural history of decompensated cirrhosis, ascites, renal insufficiency and infections.

For years we have been doing studies with the aim of understanding the various aspects of the natural history of decompensated cirrhosis. The project, which was joint with the Grupo de Hepatología (Hepatology group) at the Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, studied the natural history of cirrhosis from the hepatitis C virus (J Hepatol 2004), the probability of the appearance of hepatocellular carcinoma and the natural history of ascites (Clin Gastro Hep 2006). We later studied the natural history of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis and the characteristics of culture negative neurocytic ascites.

Virological response and viral kinetics during Hepatitis C treatment in patients with or without HIV coinfection.

Our group has participated in various studies and collaborations on the treatment of Hepatitis C in patients with or without HIV coinfection (Gastroenterology 2006, AIDS 2006, J Vir Hep 2007, AIDS 2007, N Eng J Med 2007). Additionally, we have carried out research on viral kinetics and the response patterns in these groups of patients, developed in collaboration with the Infectious disease service at our Hospital, the HIV clinical unit and the Foundation for the fight against AIDS at the Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol.

Adherence to Hepatitis C treatment and the study, prevention and treatment of the psychiatric pathology associated with the interferon.

In collaboration with other groups and services at our Centre, we have designed a programme of multidisciplinary attention on the treatment of Hepatitis C.The evaluation of the impact of this programme on the adherence to the treatment and its efficacy has permitted a finalisation of different studies, especially in the area of psychiatric diseases, working together with members of IMIM’s Integrative pharmacology and systems neuroscience and with the Psychiatry Service at the Hospital del Mar (Europ Neuropshicol 2005, Alim Pharm Ther 2008, Gen Hosp Psychiatry 2008).

Progression of fibrosis in Hepatitis C with or without HIV coinfection.

Metabolic factors (insulin resistance). Bloodless diagnosis of the fibrosis. We currently have various studies underway to evaluate the histological progression of the fibrosis and the influence of different metabolic factors, such as insulin resistance, in various groups of patients with Hepatitis C (Gastro 2005, J Hep 2006). At the same time, we are working on the design and evaluation of the non-invasive tests for diagnosing fibrosis (Hepatol 2006).

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