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Immunity and Infection Miguel López-Botet


Natural Killer cells in cancer immunotherapy.

Aura Muntasell

Natural Killer (NK) cells can recognize and eliminate transformed cells while facilitating the development of tumor-specific adaptive immunity by shaping the tumor microenvironment through the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Several mechanisms decreasing NK cell function had been described in cancer patients.

Our current research goals include:

  1. The identification of targetable checkpoints enhancing NK cell recruitment, persistence and function in the tumor microenvironment.
  2. Study of NK cells as biomarkers of response/resistance to treatment in breast and colorectal cancer patients.
  3. Development of protocols for optimizing NK cell-based cancer therapy and patient monitorization.

Our research, builds on data from preclinical experimental systems and observational studies in collaboration with the Medical Oncology and Pathology Departments at Hospital del Mar.

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