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Neuromodulation of neural networks and circuits

This research group is led by Dr. Mª Victoria Puig since October 2014.

The group's main research lines focus on the study of:

  1. The alterations in synchronized neural activity of dysfunctional neural networks present in psychiatric disorders (schizophrenia), neurological disorders (epilepsy), and genetic disorders that result in intellectual disability (Down syndrome).
  2. The study of how conventional and newly developed pharmacological treatments normalize this aberrant activity.

A relevant aspect of the investigations carried out by this research group is the study of how alterations in neural activity affect cognitive abilities. To this end, the group records synchronized neuronal activity in mice performing a battery of cognitive tasks.

The murine models used include mice with a partial trisomy of chromosome 16, equivalent to the human chromosome 21 that causes Down syndrome.

PuigLab is a founding member of the SINC2: Spanish Network for the Interaction of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience.

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