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Epidemiology and public health


Priority Research Lines

  • Cardiovascular disease: Nutritional Prevention, Integration of genome and exposome determinants, and Predictive risk functions

We aim to determine the burden of atherosclerotic vascular diseases at the population level; to identify new biomarkers related to cardiovascular diseases, assessing their causal role and mechanisms involved in the pathogeny of these diseases; to develop and evaluate new predictive tools to estimate cardiovascular risk; and to improve the prevention of these diseases based on nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. To achieve these goals, we use population-based cohorts and randomized clinical trials, integrating genomics, exposome and lifestyle factors, to derive high-level scientific evidence to reduce the population burden of cardiovascular and related diseases.

  • Mental Health and Global Burden of Mental Disorders and Occupational conditions

We carry out research on the frequency, risk factors, disability and costs related to poor mental health, mental disorders and suicide, occupation and labor conditions, and related urban and environmental inequalities. Our aim is to optimize risk assessment and disease prevention from a multidisciplinary perspective. Risk factors of interest include individual, family, economic, social and environmental characteristics, including access to health and social services together with broader neighborhood conditions. Our research is mostly based on prospective observational studies but also include controlled interventions. Our studies target the general adult population, university students, workplaces, working age individuals and city neighborhoods, as well as specific socially vulnerable populations.

  • Cancer epidemiology: Environmental causes, Early detection programs, and Patient-reported outcomes

Clinical and molecular epidemiology focuses on pancreatic cancer, particularly on environmental causes such as persistent organic pollutants, perfluoroalkyl substances, phthalates and phenols, brominated diphenyl ethers, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, metals and trace elements. Our research on cancer prevention aims at improving the effectiveness of early detection programs for breast and colorectal cancer, personalized cancer screening based on patient's individual risk, and the assessment of the needs and the use of health services of cancer survivors. We apply Patient-Reported Outcomes in comparative effectiveness research, routine clinical practice and health services management, to promote shared decision-making and value-based health care, with a special focus on prostate and breast cancer.

Other lines include:

  • COVID -19 ongoing studies and continuation (including long COVID)
  • Physical and mental health and well-being effects of exposure to urban gentrification and displacement.
  • Predictive models: Suicide, Dementia, Cardiovascular Disease, Occupational health.

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