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Health services Jordi Alonso

Our research focuses on psychometric and epidemiologic methods for measuring perceived health, disability, and patient-reported outcomes (PROs). Our main lines of research apply these methods to assessing the burden of mental disorders and to comparative effectiveness research of interventions for chronic diseases, in particular cancer and asthma, among others. Our research is carried out in collaboration with several international research networks. Knowledge transfer is also an important focus of the group, with a leading role in BiblioPRO, the online library of PROs in Spanish, including more than 1,350 instruments.

We develop a number of educational and mentoring activities, in particular the Masters of Public Health program, and the degree of Medicine and other official education programs form both Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), as well as the PSMAR Teaching Unit of specialists in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. Our team is formed by 25 professionals with different backgrounds such as life sciences, psychology, statistics, and others, and is part of the CIBER in Epidemiology and Public Health (Instituto de Salud Carlos III) and it is recognized as a Consolidated Research Group by AGAUR (DIUE, Generalitat de Catalunya).


Jordi Alonso

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