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Translational Research in Hematologic Neoplasms Lourdes Florensa

The main work areas of the translational research unit in haematological neoplasms are the following: 

  • Biological classification of the marginal zone lymphomas: study using conventional cytogenetics, FISH, SKY and CGH array of the splenic marginal zone lymphomas. 
  • Biological classification of Hodgkin’s lymphomas: conventional cytogenetics study on Hodgkin’s lymphomas using FISH, SKY and tissue array (TMA). 
  • Biological classification of chronic myeloproliferative disorder (CMPD): expression microarray study of diseases with essential thrombocythemia, polycythemia vera, idiopathic myelofibrosis and refractory anaemia with thrombocytosis. 
  • Biological classification of the myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS): a) determination of 5q clone in patients with MDS and 5q syndrome- before and after treatment with lenalidomide b) determination by FISH of 5q- deletion in patients with MDS and absence of 5q deletion by conventional cytogenetics c) FISH application in peripheral and bone marrow blood samples.
  • Biological classification of coetaneous lymphomas: study by FISH. CGH array and tissue arrays (TMA) of coetaneous lymphomas. 
  • National DNA data bank 
  • Oncological Disease Node: DNA extraction from samples from patients with haematological neoplasms and solid tumours.
And with joint efforts the following are carried:

Genetic-based classification of lung cancer, genetic-based classification of kidney caner, genetic-based classification of prostate cancer and genetic-based classification of bladder cancer

Other links of interest:

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