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Ablative therapies in oncology surgery Fernando Burdío

Ablative therapies are becoming increasingly important in cancer treatment. Their minimally invasive nature and technical success have increased their clinical importance.

The term "ablation" refers to the destruction of tissue by applying energy (radiofrequency, microwave, laser, or ultrasound). The main objective of thermal ablative therapy is to destroy tumour cells by using heat to remove malignant cells without damaging the adjacent healthy structures.

The primary goal of the research group is scientific production and technological innovation in the field of high-frequency currents applied to generate heat in biological tissues. This is aimed at the local, minimally invasive, destruction of cells in pathological tissues, particularly (but not exclusively) human neoplasms.

"We are the link between basic research and clinical research in oncology surgery"

In recent years, we have carried out applied research activities, technological development, and clinical research in the field of bioengineering, to improve current medical and surgical treatment approaches.Although our research is mainly disease-oriented, the group also works towards understanding the biology of cancer.

All the members of the group have previous experience in planning and implementing translational medical research projects, in other words, focused on the challenge of improving human health through a strong multidisciplinary approach involving medical staff, biologists, veterinarians and engineers.

Our most impressive results include the creation and marketing of the Coolinside device, which uses radiofrequency (RF) currents to surgically resect soft organs; as well as the development of an RF energy applicator, comprising a cool-wet electrode with hypersaline infusion for the focal ablation of liver tumours (Gnomon).

Our research includes:

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