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Our group's main purpose is to transfer new ideas from the lab to the patient's bed. Right from proof of concept to launch on the market, we have developed a device that uses radiofrequency (RF) currents to surgically resection soft organs to reduce blood loss during transection. After computer modelling, test bench, pre-clinical animal model studies, and clinical trials, this technology is currently marketed under the name Coolinside® (

The CE mark was obtained for this development at the end of a clinical trial in 2010, involving 36 patients with liver metastases, in which this device was used as the only haemostasis system during haepatectomy. This device is currently on the market (more than 1000 patients across various hospitals have already benefited from this technology). This clinical translation project, from proof of concept to routine clinical practice, won the National Surgery Award in 2009 and 2011 and the Lino Torre award for excellence in surgical research in 2011.


Diagram of how Coolinside® works. Top: side view showing the distal section with the scalpel blade (A) and coagulation with the active proximal part (B), as well as the direction the probe moves through the target tissue. Bottom: cross-sectional view of a fragment of tissue showing two sequential applications. Each application consists of two stages: first, the tissue is heated (and coagulated) by applying radiofrequency currents (arrows) using the proximal section (steps 1 and 4); then the blade in the distal section dries the previously coagulated tissue (steps 2 and 5).

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