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-20º Chamber security regulations

There are no legal regulations available, nevertheless Internal Regulations have been established for the access of the –20ºC cold chamber:

Use rules:
  • To limit its use to a few people.
  • Always two people must go and only one should enter the chamber.
  • Always let someone know whenever going to the chamber, either someone in the Reception Area or another co-worker in the Unit.
  • Leave access door open to the fourth floor while working in the freezer.
  • Use appropriate protective gear before entering the –20ºC chamber (jacket with a hood and gloves).
 Rules for use:
  • Clean soles of shoes very well in the entry floor mat before entering into the cold chamber to avoid soiling the chamber floor.
  • In order to avoid long stays inside the cold chamber, please know very well all procedures and tasks you wish to carry out inside the chamber prior to entry.
  • If you do not know the exact location of the samples you are searching, please look up the chamber map before entering so once inside you know where to go.In case of having to look for something for an extended time, please take the drawer you need and look for the sample outside of the cold chamber.
  • Never go into other researchers’ sample drawers. Space is assigned for personal use only and only those persons authorized to access a specific space should do so.
  • Never close the door of the –20 ºC chamber completely while inside. Instead leave the door slightly ajar.
  • Stay in verbal contact with the person outside the cold chamber.
  • Make sure the lights are out and that the door is completely closed after you leave the cold chamber. It would be detrimental to the samples inside if the door was not completely closed.

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