Hospital del Mar Research Institute Hospital del Mar Research Institute

Cryopreservation and sample processing service

  • Maintenance and monitoring of liquid nitrogen containers and large freezers:
    • Management and control of nitrogen containers, supply of nitrogen in tanksHola .
    • Ultrafreezer temperature control
    • Management and allocation of cold spaces
    • Training in the prevention of risks associated with cold spaces
  • Coding, labelling
  • Isolation of serum and plasma and aliquots
  • Purification of circulating lymphomononuclear cells in peripheral blood
  • Histological Services
    • Processing of frozen and paraffin-preserved tissues (microscopy, histological cuts, freezing, manufacture of paraffin blocks).
    • Basic histological stains.


Person responsible:
Núria Somoza Abelló(ELIMINAR)

Horari: concertar hora

93 316 06 99

93 316 04 10

Doctor Aiguader, 88
08003 Barcelona

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