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Biomedical research in heart diseases Miguel Cainzos

The Emergent Biomedical Research Group on Heart Disease (Grup Emergent de Recerca Biomèdica en Malalties del Cor – GREC) is part of the Inflammatory and Cardiovascular Processes Research programme of the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Group (IMIM). It comprises health professionals associated with the management of cardiovascular diseases, specifically of heart diseases. The majority of the professionals are part of the Hospital del Mar Cardiology Service although Community and Family Medicine professionals in our catchment area are also involved. It consists of 25 members, including researchers, postdoctoral and predoctoral researchers and medical and administrative collaborators and specialists.

Scientific Objectives: On the basis of clinical practice in cardiology, to formulate research hypotheses that enable an epidemiological, physiopathological and therapeutic characterisation of heart diseases. The group's multidisciplinary vocation is to generate new scientific knowledge that connects basic research with the most practical aspects of patient care, in collaboration with other groups of the Programme, in order to build a translational research philosophy with an impact on reducing the morbidity and mortality of heart diseases. This objective must materialise in the publication of biomedical studies of great impact and the attainment of competitive financing.

Technological Objectives: In this regard, the group wishes to act as an innovative point of reference in the incorporation of new technological advances into the process of diagnosis, risk stratification and management of patients with heart disease. The generation of new, patentable knowledge is a priority objective in this field.

Education Objectives: The group constitutes an indispensable driving force for the dissemination of scientific knowledge among training cardiology professionals, whether in the specialisation stage or studying at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The dissemination of knowledge on heart diseases to non-specialist medical staff, to the patients affected and to the general public is also an intrinsic objective of the group.

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