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Behavioural Pharmacology and Neurochemistry

Our goal is to use an integrated behavioural pharmacology approach to characterize relevant brain phenotypes, neurochemical changes and biomarkers of neurotoxicity related to mental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases in animal models. We also seek to identify potential therapeutic compounds for mental disorders including drug addiction, schizophrenia and depression.

Notably, we are interested in studying the interaction between serotonergic 5-HT2A and cannabinoid CB1 receptors in the neurobehavioural alterations observed in schizophrenia, and during chronic cannabis consumption in adolescence. We use a translational perspective working both with animal models of psychotic-like behaviour, and human subjects affected with schizophrenia. In clinical studies, we correlate receptor expression levels in the nasal neuroepithelium with behavioural outcomes associated to psychotic and cognitive alterations. This highly innovative and non-invasive methodology will allow determining original neurobiomarkers of disease, and help design more effective therapeutic targets.


Lab leader:
Patricia Robledo(ELIMINAR)


Dr.Aiguader, 88, 2ª Planta
08003 Barcelona

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