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Research lines

Our research group is interested in:

  • The development and evaluation of pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to improve cognitive performance and functionality in daily life and the quality of life of people with mental handicaps and, specifically, with Down's syndrome and Fragile X syndrome. We believe that we can improve cognitive performance, by increasing synaptic plasticity and counteracting oxidative stress. Pharmacological approaches include the use of natural compounds such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the main flavonoid in green tea. Non-pharmacological approaches include changes in lifestyle (physical exercise, diet), cognitive stimulation and transcranial direct-current stimulation.
  • Conducting nutritional interventions with functional foods that are part of the Mediterranean diet in order to reduce cognitive deterioration and the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in adults at risk (> 65 years old). We ae interested in the contribution of hydroxytyrosol, from the interaction of phenolic compounds in wine with alcohol, in the framework of cognition and heart diseases, as well as the development of functional wines.
  • Assessing nutritional disorders from a multidimensional angle (environmental, neuropsychological and biological factors), which permits the identification of common endophenotypes and/or the analysis of interactions existing between environmental and biological aspects. We are interested in discovering issues typical of biology, neurosciences and psychology in obesity, which may be predictive in the success of nutritional interventions and changes in lifestyle.


Rafael de la Torre(ELIMINAR)

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