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Cell-type mechanisms in normal and pathological behavior

Arnau Busquets Garcia, PhD

Arnau is the Principal Investigator of this research group. He obtained the Biology Degree (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) in 2008, the Neuroscience Master (Universitat de Barcelona) in 2009 and he became a Doctor in Biomedicine (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) in 2013. From 2014 to 2019 he developed a postdoc in the Neurocentre Magendie in Bordeaux under the supervision of Dr. Giovanni Marsicano. The Arnau's work on the involvement of cannabinoid receptors in different functions allowed him to develop a specialization level to investigate detailed cell-type specific mechanisms and their impact on complex behavioral responses.

In addition, he has been always interested in setting up new behavioral models and to study of the underlying mechanisms.  His main future research interest is to study the detailed molecular, cellular and behavioral mechanisms that can explain complex physiological or pathological cognitive and/or social behaviors. Besides enjoying science, Arnau likes to run as much as he can, to cook discovering new recipes at the kitchen and to spend hours with friends and/or family.

Contact: abusquets(ELIMINAR)  

Carla Ramon Duaso, PhD.

Carla is a postdoctoral researcher at the Busquets-Garcia Lab group since 2019. She is a pharmacist (Universitat de Barcelona, 2012) with a Master's degree in Molecular Biotechnology (Universitat de Barcelona, 2013) and a PhD in Biomedicine (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2019).

During her PhD she focused on investigating the neurobiological correlates of behavioral alterations in mouse models of myotonic dystrophy 1, a rare disease, using a multidisciplinary approach. Hence, it allowed her to get a strong expertise in the field of animal behavior, pharmacology and genomics. She is currently working on characterizing the murine model of Alzheimer's disease (APP/PS1) using different behavioral tasks and pharmacology to identify cannabinoid receptors as potential therapeutic targets against this disease. Outside of the lab, Carla likes to disconnect by painting with watercolors, listening to some music and she is an animal lover, especially a cat lover.

Contact: cramon(ELIMINAR)


Julia Pinho, PhD.

Julia is a postdoctoral researcher at the Busquets-Garcia Lab group since 2021. She was graduated in Cell and Molecular Biology (from Faculty of Sciences and Technology - New University of Lisbon in 2009), master`s in Neuroscience (from Faculty of Medicine - University of Lisbon in 2012) and PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience (from ISPA - Instituto Universitario, Lisbon 2019).

In the PhD, she investigated the neural and behavioral mechanisms underlying social and asocial learning using an integrative approach. She is interested to explore the mechanisms of complex learning processes such as sensory preconditioning and second-order-conditioning and to understand the contributions of hippocampal cortical circuitries to the formation and maintenance of those memories. Also, Julia wants to search how the manipulation of the hippocampo-cortical circuitry could be a target tool the neuropsychiatric diseases being that associative inference is a fundamental process that is altered in presence of neuropathology. Outside of science, Julia loves to travel, to have contact with new cultures, and to do some volunteers activities for the society.

Contact: julia13pinho(ELIMINAR)


Ana Rocio Conde, PhD.

Ana is a postdoctoral researcher at Busquets-Garcia Lab. She has a background in psychology (Universidad de Huelva, 2011), a master's degree in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, 2015) and a PhD in Neuroscience (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, 2021). During her PhD, Ana studied the neuronal circuits underlying social behaviors in rodents, developing a protocol that allowed the study of cooperation in the laboratory context, using in vivo electrophysiology and molecular techniques.

Currently, she works with calcium imaging and optogenetic techniques to study the brain mechanisms involved in the acquisition and maintenance of complex associative learning, focusing on the hippocampus and its projection areas. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading and going to the cinema

Contact: anarocio.conde(ELIMINAR) 


Jose Antonio González Parra, MSc, pre-doctoral student.

Jose is a pre-doctoral student in the laboratory of Dr. Arnau Busquets. He has a Biology Degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) obtained in 2018 and a Master's in Neuroscience from UAB (2019). Since February of 2020 he has joined the laboratory of Dr. Arnau Busquets to continue his curiosity in science has a pre-doctoral student.

The previous work of Jose during his degree and in the master's dissertation has been focus on studying sex specific differences in fear memory using a protocol of fear conditioning and mice as animal model. Now, in his new career path in the laboratory of Arnau Busquets his work will be focus on deciphering the specific hippocampo-cortical circuitry implicated in the formation and maintenance of incidental associations in higher-order conditioning using a sensory preconditioning protocol and its implications in neuropathology. Apart from discovering new paths in science, Jose also likes to explore the world with his backpack and with the company of good music and books, play racquet sports such as tennis or beach tennis and he is a catlover too!

Contact: jgonzalez1(ELIMINAR)


Laura Vidal Palencia, DVM, pre-doctoral student.

Laura is doing an internship in this research group. She obtained a Veterinary Medicine Degree (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) in 2020 and is currently studying the Master's degree in Neuroscience at the University of Barcelona.  She joined our laboratory to do her master's thesis in the research of Alzheimer's disease (AD) under the supervision of Dr. Arnau Busquets. Recently, she obtained a PhD fellowship to develop her PhD in our lab. Specifically, she is focusing on the molecular bioenergetic link between cannabinoids and AD.

On her spare time, Laura enjoys reading books, watching tv shows and, above other sports, to go running, swimming or even hiking listening to a good podcast.

Contact: lvidal(ELIMINAR)


Violeta Jorge, shared pre-doctoral student with the Neurophar Lab (UPF)

Violeta finished Biology in Madrid (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and realized an Erasmus stay in Belgium (University of Hasselt) in 2019. After doing her bachelor, she decided to move to Barcelona to do a Master in Integrative physiology (Universitat de Barcelona) in 2020 and now she has just started her PhD in this research group.

Violeta explored different topics related to Biology until she focused her research on neuroscience. She did her bachelor thesis about the influence of oxidative stress in plants and she studied for her master's final project the muscle regeneration in fish. During her PhD, she is going to carry out experiments involving the higher-order conditioning in addicts mice. In her free time, she loves to travel and discover new cities and cultures, but also, she likes to read books, do some sport and enjoy delicious dinners with her family and friends.

Contact: violetacarmen.jorge(ELIMINAR)



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