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Cell-type mechanisms in normal and pathological behavior Arnau Busquets

The main aim of our laboratory is to establish cell type-specific mechanistic frames by using mouse models to determine complex physiological or pathological behavioural responses. Our objective is to further dissect the detailed molecular, cellular and behavioural mechanisms that can explain complex behaviours, such as advanced cognitive functions and complex social interactions.

Currently, our main areas of research focus on:

  • Studying the involvement of cannabinoid receptors in the development of certain phenotypes and alterations associated with Alzheimer's disease. In this area we look at several endocannabinoid system components, bioenergetic processes and mitochondrial alterations in different brain cell types in animal models of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Using animal models to study the behavioural and neurobiological substrates that determine complex cognitive processes. We are interested in discovering which cell types and neuronal circuits regulate these processes in the normal brain and in different pathologies.
  • Developing new behavioral tasks for studying positive psychotic effects in various pathologies, and using these as a translational research tool.

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