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Biomarkers of Drug Abuse Exposure

Nicotine/Alcohol. For many years we were interested in solving the analytical problems associated with non-conventional matrices, by analysing different substances in hair, teeth, saliva, etc. Through this expertise, we have been cooperating with other groups working on the health issues related with the exposition to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). This cooperation has extended to the analysis of metabolites of nicotine in saliva or the analysis of nicotine in hair.

Since the toxicity of the ETS is still being studied, we expect to continue cooperating with groups working on the epidemiology of this health problem by investigating on other biomarkers better related with toxicity.

We have just started another promising line related with the toxicity of the exposition to alcohol and particularly the so called FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders) and particularly the Foetal alcoholic syndrome (FAS) by searching for biomarkers such as lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) and its analogues. This substance (LPA) has been found to be depleted in a model of glial cells exposed to alcohol and could even be used as a treatment to avoid part of the neuron damage. We have initiated cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine (UB).

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