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Characterisation and development of bread-baking processes with a positive impact on human health: Human Model Study of Inflammation and Intestinal Dysbiosis. Retos Colaboración 2017

The main goal of this project is to obtain new bakery products that meet the sensory acceptability requirements of consumers and benefit human health. To achieve this, it is necessary to characterise, identify and create stable stiff sourdough starter cultures with the maximum capacity to achieve the expected results, applying the innovation of Elías Forner in breads made with 100% wheat flour.

Elías Forner is an artisan bakery company that integrates the entire value chain of "artisan bread", adopting the ancestral production processes of good bread, based on two key elements: good raw materials and time. Its distinguishing feature lies in the fermentation technique and the control of the grain at source, with high quality both in terms of nutrition and organoleptic properties, and by applying artisan methods at all stages of production.

Bread is, together with olive oil, one of the cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet, as it provides us with fibre, carbohydrates, B vitamins, minerals (phosphorus, magnesium and calcium) and vegetable proteins. The project seeks to determine the physiopathological mechanisms that can explain these benefits. The success of the project will result in new, healthier breads appearing in the market, targeting a wide segment of the population.


ELIAS FORNER, IMIM Foundation (FIMIM), Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IdibGi)

Funded by:

ERDF / Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities - Spanish Research Agency / Project RTC-2017-6467-2.

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