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Social Determinants and Health Education Research Group Esther Insa

The Social Determinants and Health Education research group is made up of a network of senior researchers, postdocs, predocs and collaborators. The members of the group have different educational backgrounds, including nursing, public health, biology, psychology, history, and other disciplines. They all work towards a common goal: to diagnose and highlight the impact of educational, working, and social conditions -the social determinants of health- on the health of individuals and communities.

By analysing these conditions, the group is able to design effective prevention and health-promotion interventions, many of them based on health education. These have a greater purpose: to enable the shift from a curative to a preventive social model.

The group has two main areas of research:

  • Social determinants and health inequalities

Social determinants in terms of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow up, live, work and age and are the result of the unequal distribution of money, power and resources leading to health inequalities.

The research in this field focuses on job insecurity, gender and health, and migration.

  • Innovation in health education

The activity related to facilitating education and learning is one of the cornerstones of the group, and there is a clear commitment to transferring knowledge to the Nursing Degree, Masters and postgraduate courses, ongoing professional training and user/family training.

The research in this field includes school health, new teaching methods and the personalisation of learning.


Esther Insa(ELIMINAR)

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