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Intercellular Communication in Cancer and Ageing Patrick-Simon Welz

Communication between cells is essential for coordination of tissue function and maintaining homeostasis in multicellular organisms. The research group for Intercellular Communication in Cancer and Ageing studies how disturbed exchange of information between cells and tissues impacts on the development of cancer and ageing-related diseases. We are developing novel in vivo and in vitro models for tracing information exchange between cells, with the goal of discovering new biomarkers and therapeutic interventions that target intercellular signalling pathways. Our main research lines focus on:

  • Intercellular communication mediated by microRNAs (miRNA) in colorectal cancer

Our objective is to understand the role of miRNA-mediated intercellular communication in colorectal cancer. We have generated new in vivo and in vitro experimental models allowing for the tracing of miRNA transfer between cells and tissues. We are using those models for identifying extracellular miRNAs that could serve as biomarkers of specific disease stages, and for exploring the potential of targeting intercellular miRNA-transfer in therapeutic interventions.

  • Communication within the circadian clock network in aging-related diseases

We investigate mechanisms of communication in the circadian clock network with a focus on signalling between the central clock in the hypothalamus and clocks in peripheral tissues. Particularly, we are interested in understanding the role of circadian clock network deterioration in the development of ageing-related diseases and how circadian clock network function can be improved in the elderly.


Patrick-Simon Welz(ELIMINAR)

Dr. Aiguader, 88
08003 Barcelona

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