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Colorectal Cancer Precision Medicine Clara Montagut

The objective of the group is to contribute to improve the treatment of patients with colorectal cancer through pre-clinical studies in in vitro models, biomarker studies for response prediction and acquired drug resistance directed to therapeutic targets, and investigator-initiated clinical trials (IIT). The group's initial line of research focuses on anti-EGFR drug resistance in colorectal cancer. The group is also investigating the clinical utility of liquid biopsy to guide treatment, monitor response and clonal dynamics in blood, with the ultimate goal of improving the care and survival of colorectal cancer patients.

The group is led by Dr. Clara Montagut, Head of the Gastrointestinal Tumors Section at the Medical Oncology Service of the Hospital del Mar. Dr. Clara Montagut has made numerous contributions in clinical and translational research in oncology, which she has conducted at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (2000-2005), Massachusetts General Hospital (2007-2008), Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (2017- 2018). She is a member of the scientific committee of gastrointestinal tumors of ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology) and of the scientific committee of TTD (Treatment of Digestive Tumors Group), as well as a member of SEOM (Spanish Society of Medical Oncology).

Research lines

  • CRC Biomarkers and liquid biopsy

The group is dedicated to the study of biomarkers, which are biological indicators that can help predict treatment response and personalize therapeutic strategies. The goal is to offer a personalized medicine approach, tailoring treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient and their tumor. Liquid biopsy is an emerging technique that allows the analysis of circulating tumor DNA in the blood, providing valuable information about tumor evolution, minimal residual disease and response to treatment. The team is also involved in drafting the guidelines of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) on the use of liquid biopsy in cancer patients.

  • New drug therapies for Digestive tumors

Preclinical and clinical study of new drugs to treat digestive tumors. This research line seeks to identify and develop new medications that can offer more effective treatment options for patients with these types of tumors.

  • Prevention of resistance to CRC treatments.

Dr. Montagut's team coordinates a clinical and translational research laboratory that seeks to develop new therapies and biomarkers for colon cancer. In particular, this work focuses on preventing treatment resistance, a significant challenge in the fight against cancer.


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