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21 reasons to collaborate with science

There are a number of reasons to collaborate with science, but the main one is that you can now help to improve the health and quality of life of people with Down syndrome.

The Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute in Barcelona is working on several clinical studies that require the collaboration of people with Down syndrome. If you are near Barcelona or you can travel to the city for one or more days, you can help.

We invite you to learn more about this and other projects by clicking here. Help us share more reasons to collaborate with science and improve the quality of life of people with Down syndrome.

Reason No. 1

"The results of clinical studies advance our understanding of the disorders associated with Down syndrome sufferers and how to address these issues."

Reason No. 2

"Advances in medicine rely heavily on clinical trials, with more than 350,000 clinical trials having been conducted across the world this year."

Reason No. 3

"Life expectancy in people with Down syndrome has increased from 25 to 60 years over the past few decades thanks, in part, to clinical research."

Reason No. 4

"Enrolling in a clinical trial empowers participants."

Reason No. 5

"A clinical trial is one of the most tightly controlled medical events."

Reason No. 6

"Participating in a clinical trial can take as little as one day."

Reason No. 7

"Research findings are helping us understand how to address disorders that may be associated with some people with Down syndrome."

Reason No. 8

"Clinical research follows a rigorous scientific method that allows us to continually re-evaluate and identify improvements to clinical practices."

Reason No. 9

"In some studies, people with Down syndrome have been underrepresented. Certain medical practices must also be studied in people with this syndrome."

Reason No. 10

"Involving people with Down syndrome is key to advancing our knowledge."

Reason No. 11

"If you participate, we all benefit."

Reason No. 12

"Research provides the tools, but without you there is no science"

Reason No. 13

"In recent years, our knowledge of the pathologies associated with Down syndrome has advanced a great deal, but we still have a long way to go before we completely understand these."

Reason No. 14

"The results we achieve today will be your rights tomorrow".

Reason No. 15

"Taking part in a clinical trial allows you to have more medical check-ups to better monitor your state of health."

Reason No. 16

"In a clinical trial you are in the hands of the best medical professionals and researchers."

Reason No. 17

"By participating in a clinical trial you have the opportunity to benefit from new processes, methods or treatments before anyone else."

Reason No. 18

"For the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something very important that will improve the health of many other people."

Reason No. 19

"Because you can learn a lot about your state of health."

Reason No. 20

"You will always be surrounded by a team of people who will answer any questions you may have about your participation in the trial."

Reason No. 21

"Because clinical trials are the only way to assess the effectiveness of treatments in patients and your participation is essential."

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