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Modernisation: a commitment to prevalent diseases

With the appointment of Dr. Jordi Camí as director of the Municipal Institute of Medical Research (IMIM) in 1984, its second incarnation began. It became a centre that supported, promoted, coordinated and managed scientific research in the field of municipal hospitals, both at Hospital del Mar and Hospital de l'Esperança, in addition to the teaching and ongoing training of health science professionals. The program for the restructuring of IMIM included a detailed analysis of its staff, personnel, budget and planned investments. At that time, in the words of its director, there were sections "such as Immunology and Biochemistry, which need to be reorganized and their research objectives much more clearly defined. There are sections that should be kept as they are, as in the case of Bacteriology, which conducts cutting-edge research. There are sections, such as Serology and Pharmacology and Toxicology, which carry out good research and must be strengthened with both human and material resources".

The research priorities were established in four main areas: infectious pathology, neurosciences, sports medicine and the analysis of health services. At the same time, a new management structure in the form of a Foundation was set up to help expand the hospital's research capacity, with sufficient autonomy to promote the influx of external financial resources through the awarding of grants.

With the democratic reinvention of research at the hospital, the  foundations were laid for the irreversible modernisation of all its aspects, from its management, through the Foundation structure; the opening of new facilities on carrer del Doctor Aiguader; and the expansion and organisation of its research objectives, both in immunology and microbiology, but adding pharmacology, biomedical informatics, and epidemiology and public health, which led to the arrival of new skilled
professionals. The study of prevalent diseases, in a way that addressed the real needs of society, became a priority. In 2000, the IMIM became
affiliated with Pompeu Fabra University, which would later become the reference university for research and teaching at Hospital del Mar.

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