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The Hospital del Mar Research Institute has successfully concluded the commemorative events for its 75th anniversary. What began in 1948 as a pavilion for medical research on tropical diseases at the Hospital del Mar, inaugurated by the Nobel Prize winner Sir Alexander Fleming, has evolved into a leading international center for biomedical research in the 21st century, with pioneering projects in the health and life sciences.

This celebration marks a milestone in the trajectory of research at the Hospital del Mar. It's a moment of transformation, growth, and international projection, strengthening the relationship with the Hospital del Mar and reshaping our brand identity, transitioning from the Hospital del Mar Institute of Medical Research to the Hospital del Mar Research Institute. Yet, we remain steadfast in our unwavering commitment to promoting health and well-being.

To celebrate, a program of activities has been carried out focusing on three main areas: sociocultural, scientific, and institutional.

In the sociocultural sphere, we highlight a historical photographic exhibition curated by historian Daniel Venteo, which was displayed on the Paseo Marítimo de la Barceloneta (between the Hospital del Mar and the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park) from June to September. The main objective was to bring the institution's historical trajectory and the most significant scientific milestones achieved by researchers over these 75 years closer to the public through unseen images and documents. Visitors could familiarize themselves with the diseases that the scientific community has dedicated its research to, from the most common infectious diseases since the fifties to the most innovative and current research. Additionally, those who could not attend or wish to review the content can do so through this website.

Regarding the scientific aspect, the 2023 edition of the Scientific Retreat of the Hospital del Mar Research Institute was special because, in addition to reviewing the institute's current situation and future prospects, it served to celebrate its 75 years as the oldest active public research center in the State. The event offered an opportunity to review the institute's history through a round table discussion with all former directors of the center and the current director, Dr. Joaquín Arribas. Furthermore, a second scientific session took place with the leaders of the institute's research groups to define the strategy for the coming years. This meeting featured the participation of Robert Fabregat, CEO of Biocat, who delivered a lecture on the main trends in biomedical research, emphasizing the importance of translation to society and the productive sector.

To conclude the 75th anniversary, an institutional closing ceremony was held with the participation of the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, the Mayor of Barcelona, Jaume Collboni, and the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation, and Universities, Juan Cruz Cigudosa. During this event, Daniel Venteo, historian, museologist, and curator of the commemorative program, presented the book '75 years of research for people's health'. This volume chronicles the center's history from before its inauguration on June 5, 1948, by the discoverer of penicillin, Sir Alexander Fleming, to the present day, where it has become an international benchmark in biomedical research. The book can be downloaded in digital format from this link.

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