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75 years of research for people's health

The Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM) commemorates 75 years of tireless research work to improve people's health through biomedical science of excellence. What began in 1948 as a medical research pavilion on tropical diseases and infectious pathologies at the Hospital de Mar, inaugurated by the Nobel Prize in Medicine Sir Alexander Fleming, has become, in the 21st century, a center of national and international reference for research biomedical, with leading projects in the health and life sciences.

Next June, we begin the celebration of this event, a festival in which we want to highlight the present and future of the research that we are developing, pay tribute to all the professionals who have made these 75 years of history possible, and also I would like it to be a celebration shared with the citizens.

With this objective, we have organized the programming of activities around three main axes: institutional, scientific, and socio-cultural.

In this sense and the socio-cultural field, we highlight a historical photographic exhibition curated by the historian Daniel Venteo, whose objective is to bring the public closer, with unpublished images and documents, to the historical trajectory of the institution and the most important scientific milestones achieved by researchers throughout these 75 years of history. The visitor will be able to become familiar with those diseases to which the scientific community has devoted its research, from the most common contagious diseases from the fifties to the most innovative and current research. The exhibition will open on June 9 on the Paseo Marítimo, and you can visit it throughout the summer.

We also want to offer a look at the present and the future, position and strengthen our image as a public biomedical research institution dedicated to generating high-level knowledge at the service of patients and society.

In autumn, the celebration will continue with the organization of a scientific day of great interest to the research community to end with the publication of a publication on a historical study prepared by the historian Daniel Venteo.

And before Christmas, we hope to share the conclusion of this commemoration in an institutional act with authorities from the scientific and health environment and with all of you.

We would like you to join us in this celebration.

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