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Electron microscopes

The electron microscopes duties are: processing, observation and study and photographic reprints of human or animal tissue samples, prepared for their study using electron microscopes.

The services it offers are under collaboration or self-service for staff instructed in their use and functioning:

  • Preparation of samples for their study with the electron microscope
  • Observation and study of samples with the electron microscope
  • Electronic micrographs (analog and digital photography reprints) taken from the samples
  • Interpretation of the results obtained from the examination using the electron microscope and interpretation of the electron micrographs obtained from the study samples

The types of samples suitable for study (always from human or animal tissue samples) are the following: culture of cells processed using the mono-layer or roll procedure; samples from any human or animal organ or tissue, including blood, multiple fluids with cells and cilia samples; and microbiological samples in tissues or microbiological samples coming from cultures.

The observation and study of samples with electron microscope is done jointly by the responsible of the Service (Dr. Josep Lloreta(ELIMINAR)) and the researchers requesting the service.


Person responsible:
Josep Lloreta Trull(ELIMINAR)

Horari: concertar hora

93 248 30 31

Hospital del Mar
Pg Marítim 25-29

08003 Barcelona

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