Hospital del Mar Research Institute Hospital del Mar Research Institute

Available resources

  • Two laboratories for the handling of radioactive materials (heat chambers), one of them has an annex to store radioactive waste
  • Two laboratories for the handling of low activities with radioactive isotopes (washings and electrophoresis, etc)
  • Bunker for the storage and decay of radioactive waste
  • hoods with active carbon filters for the vacuuming of gases (annual revisions by a specialized company)
  • freezer for organic radioactive waste
  • 2 Beta meters
  • 2 Gamma meters
  • 3 Geiger-Muller meters (calibrated regularly every three years)
  • 1 proportional meter
  • 3 hybridization furnaces other equipment (fridges, centrifuges, water baths, dry baths, electrophoresis systems etc.)
Equipment for radioactive protection:
  • partitions, boxes and containers for beta radioactive waste (methacrylate) and gamma waste (lead and leaded methacrylate)

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