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Discovering the immunity footprint of the virus

Controlling the SARS-CoV -2 infection requires an effective immune response to the virus, as well as the appearance and maintenance of memory T lymphocytes that can be activated if the virus re-emerges, and which are necessary to ensure the efficiency of vaccination strategies. Using cellular techniques (ELISPOT, flow cytometry) we will study immune response characteristics in patients who have overcome COVID-19 infections, regardless of its clinical manifestations. In addition, we will analyse the evolution of the infection and the immune response in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases to study whether immunosuppressive treatments could have had an impact, either positive or negative, on the course of the infection and the establishment of the immune memory.

  • Principal investigator: Dr. Ramón Gimeno. Researcher in the IMIM's Inflammatory and Cardiovascular Processes Programme
  • Funding: : Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII). Ministry of Science and Technology
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