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Stem4COVID, innovative and hopeful project for discovering new therapies

To create a platform of lung organoids from COVID-19 patients to analyse disease response and find new therapeutic targets. A striking feature of this disease is that patients may be asymptomatic, mildly or moderately infected, or even severely or critically infected, depending on unknown factors that must be investigated urgently. An appropriate innate or aberrant response to infection by the virus is probably one of the most critical factors.

Through three-dimensional tissues developed from in vitro stem cells (organoids), which have a similar micro-anatomy to the lungs of patients, it will be possible to see how new drugs interact with these, revolutionising the field of drug discovery and paving the way for new approaches to personalised medicine.

  • Principal investigator: Principal investigator: Juan Pablo Horcajada Gallego (Hospital del Mar), Laura Batlle Morera (CRG)
  • Funding: Pending
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