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Forum Center research unit

At the Forum Center of the Hospital del Mar there is the Forum Center research unit which is part of the Mental Health Research Group of the Hospital del Mar Research Institute. 

The unit was founded in 2016 by Benedikt L. Amann basically focused initially on the research line of detection, diagnosis and treatment of psychological trauma in mental disorders that has been maintained until today. In 2020, following the award of a European project funded by EU-Horizon 2020 (MENTUPP), the second line of research of the unit was initiated focusing on European projects with the aim to improve and promote mental and physical health in the community and in the workplace (MENTBEST,, 2023-2027) and PROSPERH, 2024-2028).


Director unitat:
Benedikt L. Amann(ELIMINAR)

93 326 8500

Llull 410
08019 Barcelona

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