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Cell-type mechanisms in normal and pathological behavior

This research group is lead by the researcher Arnau Busquets Garcia since September 2019.

The main research lines of the group are:

  • To study the involvement of cannabinoid receptors in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer disease. This specific line of research will be focused to study bioenergetics processes in different cell-types and their involvement in Alzheimer disease.
  • To use mouse models to study the mechanisms underlying higher-order conditioning. We are interested in dissecting the cell-types and brain circuits involved in these processes in physiology and pathology.
  • To develop new behavioral tasks to study positive psychotic-like states in different disorders using them as translational behavioral models.

KEYWORDS: Higher-order conditioning, endocannabinoid system, positive psychotic-like effects, Alzheimer disease, bioenergetics, astrocytes, inhibitory interneurons, sensory precondition, mouse model, mitochondria, mice.


Arnau Busquets(ELIMINAR)

93 3160390

Dr. Aiguader, 88, 2ª Planta
08003 Barcelona

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