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EPREMED (European Policy Information Research for Mental Disorders)

Investigators: Jordi Alonso, Project Coordinator. Institut Municipal d’investigació Mèdica (IMIM-IMAS). IP, Matthias C. Angermeyer, Universität Leipzig (ULPZ), Terry Brugha, University of Leicester (ULEICS-DHS), Giovanni de Girolamo, Università di Bologna (UNIBO), Ron de Graaf, Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction (TRIMBOS), Ronny Bruffaerts, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (GHB), Jean Pierre Lépine, Universite Paris 7 Denis Diderot-Hôpital Fernand Widal (AP-HP), Josep M. Haro Abad, Sant Joan de Deu – Serveis Salut Mental (SJD-SSM), Viviene Kovess-Masféty, Mutuelle Generale de l’education nationale-MGEN public health foundation (FSP) 


  • To qualitatively and quantitatively improve mental health policy practices and potential in Europe. 
  • To implement effective dissemination strategies for diferent key audiences: the scientific community, the policy-makers, the civil and society, and the mass media. 
  • To consolidate a large, multidisciplinary European mental health policy information research network 


  • The EPREMED project builds on the recently completed ESEMeD/MHEDEA project.
  • The ESEMeD project is a complex population – based home interview survey implemented in six European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. 
  • The target population was represented by individuals aged 18 years or older residing in private households in the six European countries. 
  • A stratified multistage random sample without replacement was selected in each country. 
  • The overall response rate of the study was 61,2 %. Within countries rates ranged from 45,9 % in France to 78,6 % in Spain. 
  • The questionnaire used was a revised version of the Composite International Diagnostic Interview (WMH – CIDI) together with specific information on severity of disorders, symptoms, disability and quality of life, use of services, use of medication and risk factors. 
  • All the analyses were performed using the SAS System for Windows, version 8.0, and SUDAAN. 


  • The EPREMED project builds on the recently completed ESEMeD/MHEDEA project. 
  • 21,425 subjects interviewed. 
  • Prevalence of any mental disorder: 11.5 % (12-month) and 25.9 % (lifetime) 
  • Prevalence of major depression: 4.1 % (12-month) and 13.4 % (lifetime) 
  • Higher prevalence in females, unemployees and single individuals. 
  • High level of commorbidity. 
  • Higher prevalences in younger cohorts. 
  • Low level of health services use among those with 12 month mental disorders (high levels of unmet need for care). 
  • High impact on health related quality of life, high disability

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