Hospital del Mar Research Institute Hospital del Mar Research Institute

General objectives

  • To increase the knowledge base for improving the scope, the desing, the implementation and the dissemination of results of the research project of the groups. This improvement would be achieved through an effective collaboration among groups in several ways, including collaboration in the field-work of the epidemiological studies, the joint participation in the research teams, and the setting-up a formal collaboration in the statistical field.
  • To develop a platform of statistitians in order to maximize efficacy in the analysis of studies and production of orginal manuscripts, by increasing the personal force specific on data managing and statitical analysis and increasing the collaboration between statistitians from all groups. This platform will aim to improve knowledge and capabilities of statistitians with a specific program of seminars, and to develop an internal registry of expetise on methods and software to be used by the members of the program.
  • To support and actively collaborate with the official Master of Public Healh Program of UPF-UAB, as the basic frame of common eduation of the program.
  • To improve scientific communication on epidemiology with clinitians of theHospital del Mar.

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