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Colorectal cancer Miguel Pera

Association between inflammatory response to surgery, angiogenesis and tumor recurrence (IP: Miguel Pera)

Our hypothesis proposes that an increased inflammatory response to surgery is associated with an increased angiogenesis and might favour tumor recurrence after surgical resection of colon cancer. We have demonstrated in an animal model of colon cancer that not only the inflammatory response (IL-6 serum levels) but also the angiogenic response (VEGF serum levels and microvessel density) and tumor recurrence are greater after open resection of colon cancer compared to laparoscopic resection (J Gastrointest Surg 2003;7:783-790).

We are currently investigating the same hypothesis in a clinical study determining not only the serum levels of angiogenic factors like VEGF or PDGF but also the angiogenic potential of serum and peritoneal fluid of patients undergoing surgical resection of colon cancer by means of an in vitro angiogenesis assay (FIS PI031097 2003-2006). More

Trefoil peptides and angiogenesis in colon cancer (IP: Miguel Pera)

The trefoil peptides are normally expressed in specific regions of the gastrointestinal tract and are involved in the maintenance and repair of mucosal integrity. Three members of the trefoil factor family (TFF) have been identified in mammals: TFF1 and TFF2 are expressed predominantly in the stomach and duodenum, and TFF3 is located primarily in the goblet cells of the small and large intestines. All three proteins are expressed in large amounts in chronic ulcerative conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, such as peptic ulceration or Crohn’s disease. We have recently demonstrated that both subcutaneous and enteral administration of TFF3 accelerates healing of ischemia-reperfusion damage in an animal model of necrotizing enterocolitis. Recent investigations have provided evidences for TFF2 and TFF3 to have a role in cancer progression. Although the mechanisms responsible for this tumorogenic effect are unknown recent in vitro studies have demonstrated that trefoil peptides stimulate angiogenesis. More

Regulation of colon cancer cell cycle and differentiation (IP: Xavier Mayol)

During the last few years, our research line has focused on characterizing certain mechanisms of cell cycle and differentiation control relevant in tumor progression. Our aim is using them as a biological basis to improve the treatment of cancer. Our areas of interest are: 


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