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Immune redirection Joaquín Arribas

The immune redirection research group focuses its activity in the development of novel cancer therapies based in the redirection of immune system. It has numerous tools and experimental models to carry out the entire translation process, from the identification of the target alteration, to the development of the new therapy, the preclinical study of its efficacy, and even the assessment of possible mechanisms of resistance that the tumor cell may develop against the new drug.

The main research lines of the group are:

  • Immune redirection against solid tumors

Chimeric antigen receptors have shown to be a useful tool to specific redirect immune system against tumor cells. In our group, we are working in the development of CARs based strategies to target HER2 positive tumors.

  • Resistances to immune redirection

Most of current immunotherapies ends developing resistance. In our lab we study the molecular mechanisms associated to this resistance and possible solutions for it.

  • Immune redirection and senescence.

It has been shown that senescence plays and important role in tumor progression, mainly mediated by its interaction with the immune system. In our lab we are studying the molecular mechanisms involved in this interaction, and possible therapeutic options associated to them.


Joaquín Arribas(ELIMINAR)

93 316 07 80

Dr Aiguader, 88
08003 Barcelona

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