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In 1960 Dr. Gras described the "phenomenon of antibody inhibition by hyper-immunization" which was later developed and expanded into numerous experimental projects becoming the basis of several research monographs.

The Research Institute, under the management of doctors Jordi Gras and Amadeo Foz is consolidated as research Centre and teaching in the 60's-70's decade, training the best specialists of Barcelona in biochemistry, bacteriology and infectious diseases, directing numerous doctoral theses and publishing research works of world-wide importance.

Dr. Foz, who was a member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Expert Panel on Brucellosis since 1958, developed several lines of research in the field of infectious diseases including a study of cholera onset in 1971, the description of the RA factor as an antibody and the study of a new method to diagnose brucellosis using ELISA.

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