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Communication Department

The Press Office of the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM) aims to convey the activity and actions of the institution and its professionals to the public, to validate the research carried out by the professionals of the IMIM as references in their respective areas of expertise, as well as to respond to requests for information from the media. For this reason, it offers a wide range of multimedia and transmedia services to bring IMIM professionals closer to the public and make them accessible.

To contact the Corporate Communications Department:

  • Maribel Pérez Piñero 
    Director of Corporate Communication 
  • David Collantes Lafuente
    Press Officer
    93 248 35 37
  • Marta Calsina Freixas
    Scientific dissemination and outreach and manager of the IMIM intranet and website
    93 316 06 80
  • Verònica Domínguez Fortuny
    Publications, events and brand
  • Marta Ayuso Romero
    Audiovisuals and webmaster
  • Vanessa Balsells de Sola

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