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Objectius generals

The general object of this program is to contribute to the expansion of the knowledge on the physio-pathological, inflammatory and genetic mechanisms of a set of acute and chronic disorders, their treatment and pain-management.

Addressing biomedical key scientific questions stemming from bedside will be the highest priority of the members of the program who are deeply multidisciplinary in nature in their joint venture. This approach should lead to traslational research that may be applied to medical care, which in turn should guarantee a return in development and patenting. All member groups will take advantage of their relationships with drug and technology industries to contribute to biomedical development of our society.

Most of the researcher members of the Program are involved in teaching and training students, young investigators, and medical doctors. Investigation and PhD degree achievement will be promoted among young clinicians, and international calls for research training positions will be created in the RICAD program.

Promoting as far as possible the shared use of certain resources (e.g., lab space and techniques, computer facilities, consumables) to reduce the costs of the projects.

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