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09/10/2015 - Institutional news

IMIM receives funding from the IOC to conduct innovative anti-doping research

In its mission to protect and promote clean athletes, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is financing and backing seven innovative research projects in the fight against doping, which include a project by Dr Jordi Segura, coordinator of the research group on bioanalysis and analytic services at IMIM.

The project is entitled ‘Developments for improving compliance with blood testing, a fundamental but minimally implemented tool in doping control (EASY BLOOD)’ and its purpose is to explore and validate the applicability of the use of new matrices (dried blood spot and capillary sampling) to replace the blood sample collection methods that are currently used to control doping (which are whole blood, plasma and serum).

The seven projects funded are from Australia, Spain and the United Kingdom and were selected from among the applications received from throughout the world in the two calls opened by the IOC.

Click here to view information on all the projects being funded.

Protecting clean athletes is one of the missions of the 2020 Olympic Agenda and one of the first initiatives it implemented was the creation of a fund of some 20 million dollars. Half of this money was allocated to financing social and scientific research related to anti-doping standards, and the other half to combating match fixing.

This fund aims to complement, albeit not duplicate, existing anti-doping research programmes. Anti-doping organisations agree that alternatives strategies are needed, so that the priority is innovative and new research in all areas of fighting doping. This research has the potential to give rise to a significant change in the manner in which doping control programmes are conducted, which will have a significant impact on the daily lives of clean athletes.

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