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10/11/2021 - Institutional news

The IMIM and Hospital del Mar receive more than €1.1M from the new ISCIII RICORS networks

Five groups led by IMIM and Hospital del Mar professionals have been accepted as part of the new RICORS research networks. These Redes de Investigación Cooperativa Orientadas a Resultados en Salud, or Networks of Cooperative Research oriented to Health Results in English, are decided by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III and include funding, which in this case will be over €1.1 million. One of these groups will actually coordinate one of the RICORS networks.

The aim of these new bodies is to promote research oriented towards health results by coordinating the research activity within the Spanish National Health System around a defined and focused research objective that is specifically useful for the general public, as well as structuring R&D&I in research groups from different Autonomous Communities, guiding their research activity towards common goals that enable results to be achieved which can then be transferred to the Spanish populace.

The RIAPAd RICORS, a Spanish acronym for the Research Network in Addictions Primary Care, working in the field of primary care, chronic disease and health promotion, will be headed up by Dr. Marta Torrens, coordinator of the IMIM's Addictions research group and Director of Addictions Process at the Institute of Neuropsychiatry and Addictions (INAD) at Hospital del Mar. It will receive funding of almost €0.5 million. Also participating in the group will be Dr. Rafael Maldonado, coordinator of the Neuropharmacology research group at the IMIM and head of the Neuropharmacology Laboratory in the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences (CEXS) and a lecturer in Pharmacology at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).

In the field of Primary Care, Chronic Diseases, and Health Promotion, the group of Dr. Maria Sala, coordinator of the research group in Epidemiology and Evaluation and head of the Evaluation and Quality Unit at Hospital del Mar, is also part of the RICORS  RICAPPS (Research Network on chronic diseases, primary care, and health promotion).

In the area of Cerebral Vascular Diseases, Dr. Jordi Jiménez-Conde, a researcher in the Neurovascular Research Group of the IMIM and a consultant in the Neurology Service at Hospital del Mar, will be part of the RICORS-ICTUS.

Finally, in the field of Inflammation and Immunopathology of Organs and Systems, the RICORS2040 (KIDNEY DISEASE) will include the group of Dr. Marta Crespo, coordinator of the Nephropathies Research Group and head of the Nephrology Service at Hospital del Mar. 

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