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29/09/2023 - Institutional news

Inauguration of the MARMetabolomics Service at Hospital del Mar Research Institute

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the MARMetabolomics service, a pioneering initiative in the field of metabolomics at the Hospital del Mar Research Institute.

MARMetabolomics is an advanced platform developed by the Applied Metabolomics Research Group (LIMA), which has extensive experience in the development of analytical methods for the determination of metabolites (small molecules involved in metabolic reactions that take place in biological systems) in both non-invasive (urine, breast milk, hair or cultures) and invasive (CSF, blood or tissues) matrices and their application in the field of health. The platform is a member of the European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine (EATRIS), the Spanish Metabolomics Network and the multidisciplinary center TECNIO, BAPP.

The MARMetabolomics platform focuses on the development and application of targeted and non-targeted metabolomics strategies for biomarker detection within healthcare and clinical research. The platform provides a complete analytical service, including methodology development, sample analysis, data processing and advice on interpretation of results.

The main objective of MarMetabolomics is to provide quality metabolomics information to scientific health projects in order to, among others:

  • Know potential metabolic changes triggered by an exogenous agent (e.g. toxicants, treatments) or by an endogenous alteration (e.g. pathology trigger).
  • Design metabolic profiles associated with certain conditions.
  • Identify biological markers (or metabolic signatures) with utility in risk stratification for the development of future pathologies (screening), detection of conditions (diagnosis) or response to interventions (monitoring).
  • Complement the information obtained by other tools such as genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics contributing to a better understanding of biological processes, both physiological and pathological.

The launch of MARMetabolomics represents a major advance in biomedical research and looks forward to expanding collaborations with researchers and clinicians worldwide.

For more information about the MARMetabolomics platform and collaboration opportunities, visit:

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