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8/08/2023 - Institutional news

The State Agency of Investigation awards more than two million euros in grants to projects of the Hospital del Mar Research Institute.

Eight projects led by researchers from the institute have been selected in this call. They will analyze diverse aspects, from fighting cancer to neuronal organization and the training needs of the new generations of nurses.

The Hospital del Mar Research Institute will receive 2,148,000 euros from the State Agency of Investigation to develop eight research projects. Six of these initiatives include a pre-doctoral contract.

Anna Bigas

In the field of oncology research, Dr. Anna Bigas, coordinator of the Stem Cells and Cancer Research Group, leads the project 'Models for the Study of Hematopoietic and Leukemic Stem Cells in Latent State (DormHSC)', which will receive over half a million euros. The objective is to advance the understanding of the latency state of hematopoietic stem cells through four different experimental models to lay the foundation for strategies to combat treatment-resistant cancer populations.

Antonio García de Herreros

In the same field, Dr. Antonio García de Herreros, head of the Mechanisms of tumorigenesis and tumor progression Research Group, will receive over 360,000 euros to develop the project 'Oxidative and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress during Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition: New Vulnerabilities of Metastatic Cells (FERMET)'. They will seek a new way to attack metastasis through oxidative stress and endoplasmic reticulum stress.

Gabriel Santpere

Dr. Gabriel Santpere, coordinator of the Neurogenomics Research Group, leads the research 'Understanding the Evolution of Regulatory Networks Controlled by bHLH Transcription Factors to Identify Genetic Bases of Human Neurodevelopmental Traits'. The aim is to deepen the knowledge about specific genetic variants responsible for brain specializations and disorders. The project will receive a grant of 300,000 euros.

Manuel Valero

The coordinator of the Neural Computation Laboratory, Dr. Manuel Valero, will receive a grant of 250,000 euros to carry out the project 'Inhibitory Microcircuit Motifs in the Hippocampus during Experimental and Artificial Learning (LearnInt)', which aims to advance the understanding of how hippocampal neurons interact and adjust their connections to generate brain representations of the world.

Mario Cáceres

On the other hand, Dr. Mario Cáceres, head of the Comparative and Functional Genomics Research Group, will lead the project 'Comprehensive Characterization of Human Polymorphic Inversions through Sequence Read Data'. With a grant of 237,500 euros, they will analyze genomic variation and its role in the diversity of phenotypes, seeking to improve precision medicine.

Rodrigo Quián Quiroga

The project 'Formation and Consolidation of Memory in Humans (MemForm)' aims to consolidate the neural mechanisms of memory formation, which can aid in the development of treatments for diseases like Alzheimer's. The Research Group on Neural Mechanisms of Perception and Memory, headed by Dr. Rodrigo Quián Quiroga, will receive over 200,000 euros to carry it out.

Jana Selent

Dr. Jana Selent, coordinator of the Drug Discovery Research Group based on GPCR-coupled receptors, leads the project 'Structural Drivers of GPCR Signaling Bias and their Exploitation for More Efficient and Safer Drug Candidates', also endowed with just over 200,000 euros. In this case, they aim to deepen the knowledge of these receptors from a multidisciplinary perspective for the development of targeted drugs in certain pathologies.

Esther Insa

From the Research Group on Social Determinants and Health Education, its coordinator, Dr. Esther Insa, drives the study 'Addressing Challenges in Sustainability and Quality of Clinical Practicum in Nursing Degrees in Spain', funded with 61,000 euros. In this case, they aim to contribute to and improve the mentoring programs for new nurses faced with the challenge of training new generations of professionals. The Escola Superior d'Infermeria de l'Hospital del Mar is also part of the project.


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