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15/12/2022 - General information

The Soria Melguizo Foundation will support a research project of the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute on frailty.

The study, led by Dr. Xavier Nogués, has received one of the two biomedical research grants awarded by this organization, with a total endowment of 650,000 euros. The award ceremony took place in Madrid on December 14.

A project to identify the factors that affect the risk of developing a state of fragility, headed by Dr. Xavier Nogués, director of the Clinical Translational Research Program at the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute and head of the Internal Medicine Department at the Hospital del Mar, has received one of the two grants for biomedical research awarded by the Francisco Soria Melguizo Foundation. These grants total 650,000 euros and were awarded on December 14 at a ceremony held at the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy in Madrid.


El Dr. Xavier Nogués en el acto de entrega de las ayudas

The study 'Study of the clinical and biological factors involved in the trajectories of rapid progression to frailty', is based on data from 3,000 people over 65 years of age from the CohorFES cohort, with a five-year follow-up. It studies the factors that may lead to the development of frailty. This analysis will be complemented by transcriptomic analysis in a subgroup of 200 volunteers classified as being at high risk of progression to frailty.

As Dr. Nogués explains, "what we are looking for is to identify the clinical and genomic factors that make this aging process healthy or else enter a process of frailty that leads to living longer, but with a poorer quality of life". The work will be carried out in collaboration with Dr. Natàlia Garcia-Giralt, a researcher in the same group at IMIM-Hospital del Mar, and members of the Internal Medicine Service and the Hospital del Mar Home Hospitalization Unit.

The other selected project focuses on the development and validation of new diagnostic and intervention strategies for the transmission of carbapenemase-producing microbial populations involved in antibiotic resistance. It is led by Dr. Teresa Coque of the CIBER in Infectious Diseases (CIBERINFEC).

The Francisco Soria Melguizo Foundation

These grants are now in their third call with the aim of promoting and encouraging research and progress in biomedical knowledge through research of excellence, innovation and translational vocation. The Francisco Soria Melguizo Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the development of biomedical research through the granting of aid to scientific projects in this field of research.

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