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20/07/2022 - General information

Researchers from the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute, ranked number one in the areas of Biomedicine and Psychology in the Juan de la Cierva grants from the State Research Agency.

The IMIM-Hospital del Mar has been awarded three grants in the latest call. They are aimed at promoting the hiring of researchers with a doctoral degree at Spanish research centres.

Three researchers from IMIM-Hospital del Mar have been selected in the latest call for the Juan de la Cierva-incorporation grants from the State Research Agency. The successful candidates are Joan Jiménez Balado, from the Neurovascular Research Group, Ana Rocío Conde Moro, from the Cellular Mechanisms in Physiological and Pathological Behaviour Research Group, and Helena Garcia Mieres, from the Health Services Research Group.

IMIM-Hospital del Mar was awarded three of the five grants it applied for. In addition, it received the best candidate evaluation in the areas of Biomedicine and Psychology.

These grants support the employment of PhD graduates by Spanish research centres for a period of two years. The goal is to encourage them to strengthen the skills acquired during the first stage of their postdoctoral training. In total, a maximum of 278 grants will be awarded.

Joan Jiménez Balado, Ana Rocío Conde Moro and Helena Garcia Mieres.

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