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22/02/2022 - Covid-19

Hospital del Mar and IMIM professionals contribute to the first book on the physiopathology of COVID-19

Dr. Esther Barreiro is the editor of the book 'Physiopathology of COVID-19 in different organs and systems', published by Elsevier. It is a work and study manual for people interested in learning more about this disease.

The experts from Hospital del Mar have played a leading role in the new publication by Elsevier, Physiopathology of COVID-19 in different organs and systems, the first manual that analyses, with the help of various specialists, the effects caused by SARS-CoV-2, its mechanisms of infection, treatment, and sequelae. Dr. Esther Barreiro, consultant physician in the Pneumology Department at Hospital del Mar, researcher at the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM), and associate professor at Pompeu Fabra University, is the editor.

Dr. Barreiro points out that the new book is "a work and study manual for people interested in learning more about this disease and how it affects the various organs and systems of patients." The publication details the pathophysiology of the infection in the most serious situations and stresses the need to start the early rehabilitation of patients. Twenty experts from different hospitals in Spain have contributed, describing the different aspects of the disease over thirteen chapters.


Dr. Esther Barreiro

Two of these sections have been written by staff from the IMIM and Hospital del Mar. The first chapter, on immunity to SARS-CoV-2, is the work of Dr. Sofía Modino, a resident in the Internal Medicine Department, and Dr. Robert Güerri, section head of the Infectious Diseases Department and researcher in the Infectious Pathology and Antimicrobial Research Group at the IMIM. It analyses the mechanisms used by the virus to evade immune action and the resulting response.


From left to right, the authors of the chapters. Sofía Modino, Robert Güerri, Sergi Pascual, Joaquim Gea, Judith Marín-Corral and Josep Lloreta

The ninth chapter was the responsibility of Dr. Josep Lloreta, section head of the Anatomical Pathology Service and coordinator of the Genitourinary Cancer Research Group at the IMIM, together with Dr. Sergi Pascual, consultant in the Pneumology Service, and Dr. Joaquim Gea, emeritus head of the same service, both researchers in the Myogenesis, Inflammation and Muscle Function Research Group at the IMIM, and Dr. Judith Marín-Corral, consultant in the Intensive Care Medicine Service and researcher in the Critical Pathology Research Group at the IMIM.

This chapter analyses the muscular alterations caused by the infection. This is a common occurrence, both in acute disease and after the disease has passed, causing weakness, fatigue and myalgia. The likely cause is the inflammatory response triggered by COVID-19 itself.

You can read the interview with Dr. Esther Barreiro on the publication at this link

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