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29/09/2021 - Institutional news

Two experts from Hospital del Mar and the IMIM serve on the Catalan government's COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Committee.

Doctors Juan Pablo Horcajada and Robert Güerri are part of this committee, which was officially constituted yesterday. This body will begin its work with 32 people associated with scientific knowledge from various professions and fields and will operate with independent criteria. Its task is to offer technical advice on different actions to be taken to control the pandemic.

Yesterday, the Department of Health officially established the COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Committee, a body created to provide independent advice on the different pandemic-control actions in Catalonia. Among its 32 founding members is Dr. Juan Pablo Horcajada, head of the Infectious Diseases Service at Hospital del Mar and coordinator of the Infectious Pathology and Antimicrobial Research Group (IPAR) at the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM); In addition to Dr. Robert Güerri, section head of the Infectious Diseases Service and an IMIM researcher.


Dr. Robert Güerri (left) and Dr. Juan Pablo Horcajada (right)

The committee is led by Dr. Magda Campins, head of the Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology Service at Vall d'Hebron University Hospital, and its members are renowned professionals in the fields of health, medicine, and health sciences, as well as social, legal and economic sciences. They have been appointed for a period of three years and meet at least once a quarter. 

Membres del comitè assessor

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